Developing clarity and focus in academic writing

The scientific record is packaged with detailed information to support the topic. A typical proposal is a topic, an action, and a supporting information. If you want

This section contains the basic idea of a paragraph. After you've read the section, we can predict the anchor points, and this paragraph will be easy to follow. This section contains more detailed information, which contains basic information about the paragraph, and provides additional information and examples. The weak phrase of the topic has no obvious connection with supporting information, and the reader thinks, "How is all this connected?"

At the same time, the main ideas of the state

When you create a quotation, you must deliver the message without delay. Compare:

  • Patience, understanding and flexibility are necessary characteristics of a good educator
  • A good educator should be a patient, understanding and flexibility
  • In one of them, the reader knows who you are talking about when they reach the end of the sentence. When you start a proposal with a basic idea, a good educator in this instance, the reader knows what to do, and they can make predictions about further details

    Details and important information

    Assume that the proposal is a topic. This paragraph will continue to take into account the data and reasons that will support the patient's characteristics, understanding and flexibility. That's important information, so she has to finish the sentence

    Here is another example of the main idea at the beginning of the proposal and important information:

  • Freedom of expression is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as in the constitutions of many countries
  • In this example, the central idea is freedom of speech. The CDHR and the Constitutions of many countries are important. The following suggestions will be expanded in the latter case, and this paragraph will evolve logically. Note the use of passive voltage to save the compressed phrase

    Which of these proposals is the best follow-up proposal?

  • However, different levels of protection are offered in the constitutions of different countries. Like
  • However, countries offer different levels of protection. Like
  • In the second sentence, old information-countries at the beginning of the sentence. New information is displayed. The writer can then provide examples of different levels of security, and the theme remains in focus

    An effective method used to make important information is to use it in a short, independent proposal. For example:

  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948, enshrined freedom of expression. Almost all countries on the planet have signed it
  • In the example above, we see:

  • Central idea as theme
  • Important information at the end of the sentence
  • An independent proposal to highlight an important fact
  • Also note the nested condition adopted in 1948. This condition contains minor details. Page the quotation with a comma on both sides

    No2 in the global ranking No5 in the global ranking No4 in the global ranking Number three in the global ranking

    Avoid unnecessary words

    Your essay loses focus when you choose long, thin offerings. Abate Aim with your words and express your thoughts briefly. The two common language habits make proposals too long. These include:

  • Lines for the preposition
  • The use of nouns and not verbs (nominalization)
  • Consider the following example:

  • The main reason for the serious problems in the economy of many countries is the bad practice of corruption in the business world
  • There are too many prephibits in this sentence and contain a weak command. We can reorganize words and use a more powerful verb. Next, we will put the central idea at the beginning and cut unnecessary positional phrases. Result:

  • Corruption in the business world is causing serious problems in many countries
  • The proposal contains the verb of the cause. We have removed unnecessary words-bad practices of corruption. Is there a practice of corruption? Similarly, the economies of many countries could be more concise. Are there other things besides the countries with the economy?

    When you do the work, watch the general signals that are breaking the clarity. Identify your offerings and write important information at the end of the sentence. Use other devices such as built-in offering and short independent offerings to make strong, even points. Finally, we will be speaking in a precise and appropriate language. These tips can be useful for any type of paper. If you're asking for help